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Abtek Financial, established in 1986, is a pioneer in the credit card/merchant services industry. Technology democratized the market and armies of say-anything sales forces wielding slick tactics and impossible rates commoditized the market. When an industry is democratized and commoditized it becomes a race to the bottom both in terms of service delivery and margins. Abtek challenged us to give them a brand with a louder voice shutting down the fineprint gimmickry and shutting up the salesman trickery. With the courage of their convictions and transparency of their offerings this thought leading brand emerged. Abtek’s credit card nerds dare merchants to ask them anything and they will connect the dots for merchants without the BS.


Merchant Services / Credit Cards




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Client Love Letter

“Much to my delight, my staff is taking great value from the branding work. For years they come to work and do their job very well. I don't want a line of ants; I want a group of people that are engaged, have their eyes on the ball. Mathews has sparked something that I've not been able to do. The funny thing is that their team simply took our words, put it into a great framework and represented it to us visually. I couldn't have planned that. I'm so grateful and really looking forward to working with them in the future. I’m proud to be a Wonk.”

JC Wylie, CEO