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MarketFox is a fresh startup out of Connecticut. Three young entrepreneurs dissatisfied with digital teaching tools at their college set out to design a real-time stock market gaming application for higher education. Mathews was tasked with developing a brand that would speak to the modern student’s refined digital tastes while tailoring the offering to professor’s needs.


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Brand Expressions

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Marketfox 2
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Client Love Letter

“Being faced with the task of branding your company is a large undertaking. We spoke with a several large U.S. marketing and design firms and none of them gave us a feeling of intimacy and understanding when it came to our project. We felt like we were just another ”to-do” on their list.

This led us to Mathews Columbus, where, right from the start it was their goal to get inside of our heads and understand what MarketFox was looking for with our brand. After a few discussions, Mathew and his team went to work, only to come back with a brilliant vision and solid game plan. Everything was laid out for us in a timely fashion. We were thrilled with their ability to get into our heads, organize our thoughts on paper and visualize not only a tone and manner but a living and breathing mascot that ups the interactivity of our game. It was an inspired idea.

We could not be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you to the Mathews Columbus team!”

Cameron, Ron and Cade, Co-Founders