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Just three easy payments of $35.99 gets ‘x’ workout video home. With digital distribution and ever-changing consumer behavior that old model no longer makes sense. The team at Sweatshop wants to revolutionize how users get fit. Mathews was challenged to brand the platform that will become the iTunes of the fitness industry. Find your perfect fit at Sweatshop.


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Client Love Letter

“My experience and relationship with Mathew’s Columbus is unlike any other I have had so far in my business. Mathew and his team sincerely treated my business with as much enthusiasm and care as I have, and they didn’t stop until both they and I were completely satisfied. Mathews was available any time I needed them and was willing to do whatever it took to get the true vision and voice of my business into the brand. I couldn’t imagine using another company for this crucial step in making my venture a reality. The work they do shows how passionate they are to see each of their brands succeed. I highly recommend Mathew’s Columbus and will continue to use them for all of my future branding needs.”

Wes Kirtz, Founder