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After 20 years of in-person spiritual consulting, Dr. Zoe Marae challenged us to brand her services for a digital subscription product leveraging a back catalogue of self help audiovisual experiences. After gaining a deep understanding and appreciation for her services we formalized her purpose, clarified her offerings and translated her intimate, in-person style for a mass digital audience. Maps, both figurative and literal, form the basis of her storytelling style taking huge spiritual concepts and boiling them down into turn-by-turn directions creating the first GPS for the human experience. Our copywriters, strategists and designers physically expressed that purpose into a brand.


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Brand Expressions

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Client Love Letter

My experience with Mathew Brian and his team at Mathews Columbus was extraordinary. I went from not completely getting the opportunities branding provides, to seeing the brilliance of expansion of my own passion in every aspect of my brand. The process of working with this team gave me much more than an amazing logo, colors and visual expression. It gave me deeper insight into my own essence driving my business; something that keeps on giving to me. I smile every time I see my brand book!

The communication among us was clear, precisely gentle and never pressured throughout the process. Mathew and his team offered bold and concrete new ideas while maintaining complete respect of the owner. It was an opening at all levels.

Mathew Brian is a gifted leader in bridging the inner drive and passion of the business owner with the world of corporate success. He has heart, and will not "brand" without it. This is a peek into the future of business.

Zoe Marae, Founder